Lanzarote Announcement

(Post was actually made on February 14, just put on here when the site was made)

Hello, today I am announcing my first payware airport scenery, Lanzarote (GCRR). If you are unfamiliar with Lanzarote it is the northernmost canary island and is a very popular holiday destination for Europe. The destination is very popular with plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts due to its runways closeness to a public beach and path.

I started work on this scenery a few weeks ago and progress is going very well, there is still a lot to do however I have already made some major components of the scenery (renders bellow).

The scenery will most likely be sold on the store and will be priced similarly to other scenery of this size.

As for a release date, I don't really have an idea of when it will be ready (unexpected problems tend to crop up) but it will most likely be out this year, probably around summer.


  • Custom modeled buildings

  • Ortho (photo scenery) around airport

  • Custom approach lights

  • 4K textures

  • Custom ground textures and accurate lines

  • Autogate jetways

  • Animated ground vehicles

  • Terminal interior