Lanzarote | Development update 2

Hello, welcome to the third development update from FLY X SIMULATIONS.

Today we have some previews and news for you on how the Lanzarote project is coming alone.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, the project is still very much alive! It has been almost eight months since the last development update, for that I apologies, going forward I will try to put more development updates out (maybe every 2 months or something like that) to keep people up to date on the project.

Here’s a rundown of how everything’s coming along


The main exterior modelling for the terminals is more or less complete, I still need to add finishing touches with things like air-conditioning units, ducts and objects like chairs and tables on the outside areas, but that main structure (including texturing) for both terminals is complete, this was a major part of the project and something that has taken several attempts to get right (I am not someone who is apposed to starting from scratch on something if I don’t feel it’s high enough quality)

Other buildings

As with the previous development update on Lanzarote I have been carrying on working on the dozens of smaller buildings and other complexes that make up the airport. These are almost all complete, apart from a few small ones and one quite big one.

Ground textures

In the previous Lanzarote development update I stated that I hadn’t done much work on the ground textures, this has now changed. I have completed a lot of the markings such as the various painted lines around the airport. These much like the asphalt and concrete textures use PBR technology to provide a realistic and almost 3D look to them. One thing that still needs to be done is the dirt and damage that is on the apron, this leads to a real and lived in look.

Going forward

I presume many people will want to know a release date, I initially planned to release before the end of 2018, obviously I didn’t make this date. This was due to several factors, most notable was not anticipating the complexity of the project. I have never developed something of this size, quality and complexity and it is a constant learning curve for me. I don’t want to state a release date of any sorts in case circumstances change and I can’t meet it. All I will say is that the pace has been picked up dramatically recently and everything is starting to come together. I have a goal in mind for the date, but I’m not ready to say anything yet. As the project nears closer to completion more and more will be revealed about when it’ll be released.


Thank you for reading this development update, hopefully you’ll be reading another one in the not too distant future!