Lanzarote | Development update 1



Today I have for you a development update on my Xplane 11 Lanzarote airport scenery.

Its been several months since this project was announced and there have been many developments regarding it that I will share with you today.


Terminal 1

First of all, you may remember when I announced this project I previewed a render of terminal 1... well that has been completely remodeled from scratch. I believed the quality was nowhere near what I wanted it to be, plus I found out due to additional research that some parts were inaccurate. At the moment I have completed about 90% of the actual modeling and there is still all of the texturing to do. Below are some texture-less renders that show the modeling of terminal 1.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is something I have only recently started developing, so far, all the modeling is almost complete, and a lot of the texturing is also complete. Below are some partially textured renders that show the modeling for terminal 2.


Other buildings

Recently I have also been focusing on modeling and texturing the other buildings that make up Lanzarote airport. These include things like hangers, garages, cargo terminals, and airport offices. I have fully modeled and textured about half of the buildings so far. Below are some renders of some of the buildings I have made so far.


Ground textures

There hasn’t been so much work done when it comes to ground textures so far, however, I have been doing some experimentation with using ‘normal maps’. These basically make it so that the texture isn’t just a 2D image but instead has little bumps that catch the sunlight and make it look like a material. Below are some images that compare an asphalt texture both with and without a ‘normal map’. The effect is fairly subtle but adds a nice feel to the experience.


Ground markings

The scenery will have custom ground markings, no work has been done on these yet. These will also utilize the aforementioned ‘Normal maps’.


When will it be out?

As I mentioned in the announcement several months ago problems tend to crop up, especially when developing something for a flight sim, this has happened to me throughout the past few months and will no doubt happen even more as development goes on, it’s just an inevitable part of developing something.

Because of this I am not going to give a release date, I can tell you that it will almost certainly (unless my computer blows up and I have some sort of massive data loss of all my backups or something like that (probably shouldn’t tempt fate)) tell you that it will release before the end of the year, and it MAY end up being sooner than that, but I promise nothing as I won't make promises that I don’t that for a fact that I can keep.

All I will say is that development is going well.



In conclusion, I’d like to thank people for their interest in this project. As you may know, I am a relatively new developer, I haven’t done that many projects before and they have all been freeware and nowhere near the magnitude of this project. Over the past 6 months of development, I have learnt a lot about scenery development. I have learnt many new skills and techniques that are enabling me to make the best scenery I can. I am pleased with how the development is going and feel that it will be a high-quality product.

Another development update with in-sim screenshots will be posted in the not too distant future, this will also provide you with more information about the release, how it will work, what will happen leading up to it, and a much better idea of when it will be. So be sure to stay tuned for that.

Finally if there are any questions people would like to ask then feel free to ask them below this post, alternatively, if you don’t have an account then you can always email me at: or even tweet me @FlyXsim. I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading :)