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Accurate 3D Objects

The scenery is comprised of a large range of highly detailed and accurate 3D objects.

These include such things as Buildings, Apron clutter, Blast barriers, and some of the airports surrounding area.

These objects are then completed with high resolution 4K textures.


The ground surfaces such as the concrete and the asphalt that make up the taxiways, runway and apron of Lanzarote airport are textured with high resolution 4K textures that utilise PBR materials.

These provide a 3D like effect to the surface.

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X-Plane 2019-07-31 20-31-22.png

Terminal Interiors

The departure area terminal interiors for both terminal 1 and 2 at Lanzarote are fully modelled. These include a large amount of objects you might find in an airport terminal, such as seats, vending machines and bins.

3D Grass

The areas surrounding the runway, taxiways and apron are littered with bushes, shrubs and bits of grass. These stop the areas from looking like flat surfaces and add more of a 3D effect to the airport.


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