Kittila is the second Xmas project for us. Kittila is a small airport in northern Finland that serves the popular winter destination of Lapland. Many European airlines fly up to Kittila from all over Europe the winter season.



- 3D and PBR snow on both the roofs of buildings and the ground.

- Accurate and up to date buildings and apron.

- 4K textures

- Autogate marshallers

Accurate detailed MODELLING

The kittila scenery has high detailed and accurate 3D modelling of the buildings that make up Kittila airport.

Kittila image 6.png

Ground textures

The scenery contains accurate and high resolution ground textures for the airport.

All ground textures incorporate Xplane 11 PBR technology that gives the ground textures more of a 3D look to them.



Kittila is available as both a summer and a winter version. The winter version includes realistic snow textures with Xplane 11 PBR technology. These snow textures add to the winter feel of the scenery



A legal copy of Xplane 11


Autogate plugin

Winter package

Drifting snow overlay replacement